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Bulk mechanism charcoal wholesale in the market

Classify:Enterprise Bulletin Time:2019-04-08 Views:762

The mechanism of charcoal wholesale carbon production is also increasing with its use. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, “white charcoal” appeared. That is, after the fuelwood is carbonized in the kiln, it is not immediately discharged, and is refined by the high temperature generated when the volatile matter generated by pyrolysis is burned, and then covered and cooled. Therefore, the charcoal is burned once again outside the kiln, so the weight is relatively light, the hardness is higher, and the price is expensive.

  For the production of charcoal produced by the mechanism, the income of wood tar will gain higher economic benefits. Nowadays, there are mechanism charcoal machines that can process these agricultural wastes into mechanical charcoal to achieve resource reuse. The equipment can also use sawdust, twig rice husk, bamboo chips, peanut skin, sunflower seed shell, furfural residue, sugar cane bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, wine residue, woodworking chopstock and crops and oranges as raw materials to produce charcoal. .

Mechanism charcoal wholesale

  Mechanism charcoal wholesale, the whole set of equipment includes crushing equipment, drying equipment, rod machine equipment, carbonization furnace, the price of charcoal machine equipment depends mainly on how much production you need and how many supporting equipment, the price from tens of thousands to ten Tens of thousands of prices are not equal, of course, the more expensive equipment is more expensive.

  If you don't know much about the proportion of charcoal machine equipment, you can contact our factory. Our factory has professional technicians to design optimized equipment matching scheme according to your required output. The mechanism carbon is to turn some plants with carbon content into vegetation carbon.

  The original charcoal is completely different from the direct burning of charcoal trees. The former is protected by environmentally friendly waste projects, and the latter will be sanctioned. Wholesale of mechanism charcoal has gradually emerged in the market and has also been welcomed by the market.