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Mechanism to avoid waste of resources, charcoal wholesale

Classify:Enterprise Bulletin Time:2019-06-30 Views:824

In the past, we produced charcoal, only stressed the cost of production, and paid little attention to whether or not environmental protection was concerned. Therefore, many charcoal plants are more polluted, and they make money in their own production of charcoal, which also affects the daily life of people around them. Now, grabbing environmental protection and shutting down a large number of polluting charcoal manufacturers has greatly weakened the emergence of the market in a certain degree, making the price of mechanism charcoal increase.

  At the same time, the sales of manufacturers producing environmentally friendly smokeless charcoal have risen sharply. At the same time, for the customers of the investment mechanism charcoal factory, the requirements for purchasing equipment are higher, the cheap map is not good, and the environmental protection requirements are required, or it will lead to the abandonment.

Mechanism charcoal wholesale

  Although there will be more money for the time being, it is in exchange for the sustainability of the production in the market. It is characterized by a well-developed pore structure, a large specific surface area (500~3000m2/g), and a unique surface-like functional group (such as sulfhydryl, decyl, light base and internal cool), and organic in solution. Or inorganic substances and colloidal particles have strong adsorption capacity.

  It can effectively remove a large amount of organic pollutants (including odor), some heavy metals and some harmful microorganisms. At the same time, activated carbon has sufficient chemical stability and resistance to acid, alkali and heat, and is insoluble in water and organic solvents, and can be regenerated after use. Used to smelt high quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron.

  In the market, it is used as a carburizing agent for mechanical parts to improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel parts. Can be made into graphite. As a solid lubricant, this is very important for rotating parts where lubricating oil cannot be used (using graphite as a sliding bearing). I hope that customers can make good use of them when they are using them, and do not waste unnecessary resources.