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Supply of charcoal manufacturers

Classify:Industry trends Time:2019-06-30 Views:991

With the management of forest harvesting in the Ministry of Forestry and other departments becoming more and more severe in recent years, the output of logging wood burning charcoal is getting lower and lower, and the mechanism of charcoal in the market appears to be in short supply, and the price is also from the original per ton. More than 1,000 yuan has risen to about 4,000 yuan per ton, and some local retail prices have risen to more than ten yuan per kilogram. To do the mechanism of charcoal manufacturers, the first few important issues to be aware of are:

  Raw material problems, raw materials include wood chips from wood processing plants, wood chips from furniture factories, bamboo chips, and straw. Rice husks, scrap wood, etc., many can be. For the key functions of carbon raw materials in the field of water pollution maintenance, the skills of carbon materials based on activated carbon (powder, granular and fibrous) and expanded graphite are attached.

Mechanism charcoal manufacturers

  Mechanism charcoal manufacturers, the biochar materials formed by the combination of microbes and carbon materials are based on the degradation skills and their use and other skills (such as ozone oxidation, membrane filtration and photocatalysis) for the use of water treatment. The statement pointed out that the new carbon materials (such as activated carbon fiber and expanded graphite) attachment skills, biochar materials dependent degradation skills and associated miscellaneous skills have considerable prospects for use.

  And put forward opinions on future research. There are many kinds of carbon materials, including various non-screen, activated carbon, graphite and biochar materials. Among them, non-state activated carbon (AC) mainly includes powdered activated carbon (PAC), granular activated carbon (GAC) and fibrous activated carbon (also known as activated carbon fiber, ACF).

  Mechanism charcoal manufacturers, graphite mainly refers to expanded graphite (EG); biochar materials mainly refer to the combination of various non-biological carbon materials and biological composition (such as biological activated carbon BAC, bio-expanded graphite BEG, etc.).