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Traceability mechanism charcoal manufacturers' history of charcoal

Classify:Industry trends Time:2019-06-30 Views:904

As can be seen from the manufacturers, Zhou Chao has established an ideological system and related systems for collecting, using and managing daily energy from charcoal. At present, a large number of developed ACs are used for water treatment. For example, AC for water treatment accounts for about 40% of the total, and Japan has 2/3 of GAC for water treatment. Since the 1960s, China has used AC to treat industrial wastewater, and later used it for the purification of drinking water.

   In front of the mouth, the domestic AC has been widely used in the field of water pollution repair, but because the domestic AC production cost is relatively higher than that of foreign countries, the overall application technology also lags behind foreign countries, so there is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries. Because charcoal is flammable, burnt, clean and easy to store and transport, it is not only used for anecdotes and heating in ancient high society, but also an excellent smelting fuel.

   Mechanism charcoal manufacturers, according to historical records, the bronzes of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the irons of the Warring States period, and later the ceramics and the wine industry were all smelted by charcoal fire, which was officially collected in the name of taxation and promoted in the official smelting industry. There is a big relationship with the use.